Friday, June 25, 2010


It's been over half a year since my last post. Funny what happens when you take on a full-time job. Luckily the rehab is in it's final stages. We are happy to check the pergola off the list!

The first thing that had to happen was to remove 2 bricks from where each post would go, and then dig out holes beneath.

I borrowed "Zeke" at the start of the rehab. He came through once again as the tool of choice to remove the bricks.

I dug the footings about 2 feet deep.

I failed to document pouring the concrete and setting the brackets. It turns out the last thing you want to do when mixing and pouring concrete is take pictures of it.

When the wood was delivered (rough sawn cedar), it was a happy surprise to see that the 4x4's were a true net 4x4. Same with the 4x6's. Being a bit heftier than expected meant I had to route out the posts to fit in the brackets.

I measured the height of the first post level with the barge beams of the house, then leveled other posts to the first post. Then I cut the barge beam at an angle to match the house and dropped it on.

The second side the same as the first, then I attached the 2x6's. All the hardware is basic Simpson ties, which I thought was fine since the plan was to stain it. Check out the shadows working, keeping the house much cooler!

More shadows.

The next morning I added some angle braces.

Then the Mrs stained it up!

Up next, the kitchen. Don't hold your breath. ;)