Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Guest Bath

It's the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and this one really came down to the wire. We have family coming in from out of town today and we just wrapped up painting last night. This was another major one as far as DIY'ing goes. We had a plumber do the rough-in plumbing and install the fixtures, but other than that it was all us. I gutted it, replaced some water damaged 2x4's, fixed some more suspect wiring, hung cement board in the tub surround and greenboard elsewhere. The lady of the house insisted that the tile go all the way to the ceiling, so there was a lot of glass tile cutting to do (since the ceiling is at a pitch). It took four days to install the tile and one long day to grout it.

There wasn't much original in this bathroom when we bought the house, so we had somewhat of a blank slate. But, we did have the original bathtub and ended up really designing the whole look around that. When shopping for tile we came across this glass mosaic gradient. We thought it would look great around the original blue tub. It sort of feels like water splashing, which we thought was fun and felt right for the place.

Once again I neglected to take photos from the start. So we join this project having already done all demo, plumbing rough-in, electrical, and hanging of the substrate. Here's the tub surround.

A nook was mandatory. The plumber had to do a few extra turns to make this possible. You can see I had to level it a touch.

That's a lot of tile...

"I want the tile to go all the way to the top".

And done.

I like having the old distressed concrete in here. I don't want everything to be new.

Here are a few shots peeking in from other areas.