Thursday, July 2, 2009

Landscape 3: the Patio

Today the team powerwashed off the concrete retarder to expose the aggregate, and we are psyched. There's a bit of touch up to do yet, but it is just what we wanted. It already looks like it's been there for years.

I'm going to take a second to give props to our landscaping team, Dalman Klodt builders. Jason Klodt and team have been nailing each phase on time, on budget, and with fantastic results. Give him a shout if you have a project. Just don't distract them before they wrap up here, okay? We've got a bit to do yet...

Per Jason's recommendation, we put in a new water main first. The old one was PVC and a bit too close to the surface. We put in copper. We definitely don't want to have to break up the new yard to replace a water line.

Framing it out. Tape goes on the redwood spacers to protect them during the pour. There's a space between the framing and the fence for a planting bed. It'll either be a planting bed with a bench in front or a raised planter with a bench built into it. I suppose that depends on what we plant there... any suggestions?

When this guy shows up you better be ready.

Pouring and seeding.

Finishing touches.

You let the retarder sit overnight.

Powerwashed. We have a step inside the house to get to the den, and now we'll have one outside too. (This was done so we could get water flowing away from the house at our previously at-grade lanai). A cool benefit is that the transition from inside to outside will be more seamless... the step out is barely a step no matter what room you are stepping out of. The step has a little cantilever with a redwood 2x4 inset.

Feels like this is how it was supposed to be. We also need suggestions on a shade tree for the empty square. Anyone?

X marks the spot again, only this time we're keeping it!

Up next, salvaged brick backyard patio or front yard pavers and sod, not sure what will finish first...