Monday, February 18, 2008


Hey, there's that drip edge again:

And those beam caps:

Lanai Victory!

What a long crazy trip this room has been. When we moved in it was 2 rooms... with a dropped ceiling in the 2nd. Everything was bad. Bad bad. The concrete patio was poured and overlapped the lanai's slab between the posts, then the walls were built on top of that. So, this room was lower than the outside. Of course there was rot where water drained down into the house. The 2nd room's dropped ceiling was exposed to the outside... as there were no panels between the rafters in this section. 50+ years of dust and debris on top of that ceiling. Very bad. Wiring held together with electrical tape. Chopped framing inside the walls with no rhyme or reason. Ductwork going to nowhere. Oh, the little things you discover after having moved in.

But, after a full rebuild of this room, I am sitting on the sofa in a room with no tools and it feels pretty good. This one is really just waiting on the floors, but it's good enough for now!

When we moved in there were 2 rooms, posts were not aligned under rafters, much badness.

Human tornado 1 and 2:

Walls framed and furred out where needed. Garbage sparkles under the new lighting.

We added recycled denim insulation to the new exterior walls. It might not do a whole lot... but this side faces the street so we might as well try to cut the noise and wind a bit. BTW, this stuff is a pleasure to work with. Just use your bare hands, tear it and stuff it.

Here's a good example of one of the many surprises along the way. After tearing off the paneling attached to this beam, we found out how the electrical was run to the 2nd room. This one hurts my brain. Nothing a little bondo can't fix though.

Only one way I know to get straight lines. Tape.

Ahhhh. It was nice to rediscover our storage units that had been in the garage for the last 10 months.