Saturday, November 28, 2009

Landscape 5: Pretty much done

I finally finished the planter-bench. Except for the redwood decking on top it is made entirely from salvaged wood, most of it from the old fence. The short vertical board and batten sides let me use a lot of small redwood scrap that would have otherwise gone to the dump. I put a pond liner on the inside to help keep the wood from rotting. Now we just have to figure out what to plant in it.

Sod laid down in the back, with drip irrigation. Not a lot, just enough to keep things from being too dusty.

I see you! An early requirement from the Mrs was that we have an intercom where we could see who was ringing and be able to buzz them in. We went with a system from Aiphone. The installation was a little tricky, but definitely worth it. Sorry JW's, magazine sellers, high school kids trying to "raise money" to go on a European vacation, we are unavailable at this time.

Up next, a picnic table, a pergola to go over the backyard brick pad, and then a kitchen...