Tuesday, February 24, 2009

11' x 21'

It's not a lot of space. Especially when you want the space to function as a designer's work room/laundry room/storage room/carpentry workshop. Here's the list of stuff that went in:

• 4' x 6' work table
• 4' long closet
• 7' long closet
• laundry with utility sink
• surfboard rack
• snowboard gear and other recreating supplies
• all cleaning supplies
• all the tools including the tablesaw
• essential clutter, cause it's gotta go somewhere

After sketching out several variations, it was decided that the work table going perpendicular to the room about 4' from the garage door was going to work best. This allowed the 2 closets that are on the same wall to be as long as possible. The short wall has all the laundry gear, and we went vertical with some shelving to get all the cleaning supplies in one space. It feels a little strange sharing this with the world, as it's not really showy-type stuff. But I thought it was worth sharing because when people ask "how do you live in a house with virtually no storage space?", well this is how. (This in conjunction w/ a massive drop at the goodwill).

The flooring is a coat of epoxy over a rough grind of the slab. This was done when the floors were polished. The lighting is the same track lighting as the Lanai.


Designer's side.

Closet construction was based off the original closets in the bedrooms.

Carpentry/storage/surf side. Painted pegboard is cool.

A utility sink from the local restaurant supply shop was only a bit more than the cheapo utility sink at the big box store, but way more solid. Pine boards with a quick coat of polyurethane are cheaper and feel better to me than particle board shelving.

This door still has it's original coral color paint. I couldn't bring myself to paint it.