Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bring that Birch Back II

In going back through the blog, I realize I never updated this story. When we left off, I was looking for replacement sliding doors for our birch cabinetry. Well, thanks to our neighbors Erik & Rebecca, who are doing an extensive renovation and could not salvage their cabinetry, I was able to salvage doors as well as the frame (large square piece that surrounds the doors). I also salvaged some panelling pieces, which may turn into kitchen cabinetry...

We went a little crazy and continued the paint stripping on into the bedroom with the master closet. I think the effect is pretty nice... a continuous wall of birch.

Wall of birch:

Mini Post: Can Lights and Bamboo
New can lights and bamboo wallpaper. Our paneling on the ceiling was a real mess. We had to draw the line somewhere with the refinishing. Knowing we were going to cut holes in it anyway for the lights, we thought the bamboo would be a nice element. We dig it.


Ephraim and Rachel said...

ooh, i really like the birch coming into the master on the closet. nice continuity from the living room. awesome!

Bridget said...

This is gorgeous... I have something I suspect is similar (we have it elsewhere in the house), but it has about 3 layers of paint on it. Did you know beforehand it was birch, or did you investigate?

travelteam said...

Thanks Bridget. I knew beforehand it was birch, as every home in our tract has the same cabinetry. We also had at least 3 layers of paint. I used Peel-Away 6 to remove the paint and it worked great. After that I could sand with a fine sandpaper using a random orbit sander. You don't want to start with sandpaper as the Birch veneer is pretty thin. The Peel-Away does a great job of lifting the paint up and off the wood.