Monday, February 18, 2008


Hey, there's that drip edge again:

And those beam caps:


Jon said...
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Anonymous said...

are you going to continue the black painted ridge beam to the inside?

travelteam said...

It's actually dark brown (tried to match the original color as close as possible), but yes that's the plan. Actually, we have already done this in the enclosed Lanai. All posts and beams inside and out will be this color.

elDuderino said...

So basically it had just been painted when I saw it. ~Himes


I'm getting ready to paint my little mid century house and really like these colors - can I ask what they are?

The trim looks like black - which is the direction I'm going, but you said its brown? Is the main color a beige or a gray?


Matt said...

Thanks Brick House! The paint colors were ash gray:

and weathered brown:

Both in flat.