Thursday, June 25, 2009

Landscape 1: Demo and Salvage

We're doing it, finally. The yard is getting tackled. We've completed demolition of the items that needed to come out, and saved what we could. 

Sorry pink concrete, your day has come. To those who feel it was a shame to tear this out, we had no choice. This was poured above grade and caused drainage problems for our den. It had to go. See ya!

We had it in the backyard too.

The view from the inside has changed.

These are good bricks. This is a stack I started a long time ago. The rest of the walkway bricks were pulled up and saved. We'll use them to make a new patio in the back yard, which I'll cover with a pergola hopefully this summer.

An old bottlebrush that was planted long ago too close to the house came out. The lesson here is to remember how big things can grow when you plant.

And down.

Careful with that bobcat, Carl!

Puppy on a barren landscape.

With the fence down and everything leveled, I could take a shot from the sidewalk. Our neighbor Al, an original owner, said this is kind of what the neighborhood looked like when he moved in, before all the fences and trees.

Up next, the new fence...


Stephen said...

I know there's a lot of flak in the MCM world given for the "rip out and start over" strategy -- but sometimes it's exactly what is needed. It's very liberating to be free of the legacy issues from poorly planned / designed landscaping.


we are just starting to do this whole demo landscape thing and a bobcat would make it so much easier - also if it was like 20 degrees cooler.

we may have to wait till the fall.

looks good, i'm excited to see your plans for the landscaping and fence!