Friday, August 29, 2008


We bought our house with a cracked Mistlite glass panel between the jack and jill bedrooms. At the time I didn't think it would be a particularly difficult thing to source, but it proved to be quite the challenge. I called several local glass companies. No dice. I searched internet forums and found someone who had luck with a supplier in Canada. I called them and they no longer carried it. Everyone said it was no longer available in the length I needed. I was about to paint these rooms and just live with the cracked glass, but decided to make one last effort. I opened up google maps, typed "glass", and started making calls. I probably called about 30 different shops when I finally struck gold. Paul's Glass on Anaheim in Long Beach could get it. They seemed so casual about it I almost didn't believe them. But I put in the order and had it in 2 days, tempered.

Puppy battle with cracked glass background.

Glass gone. Wow, things were really a mess in this area just a couple weeks ago!

View from the guest room.

New glass in.

Painted. The continuation of the brown ridge beam to the outside is one of my favorite things.

Late addition, night shot:


deagna said...

OMG! That looks so great.

Joo said...

gee, I wish I knew about your trouble looking for Mistlite.. We got ours at Hal's Glass (one of the yahoo group's recommendation) and they were really helpful with samples with very reasonable pricing too... Glad you found it though. It looks great!

Anonymous said...

That looks great. I'm looking for tempered dual-pane Mistlite-like windows for an entry transom. Milgard offers a pattern called "Cross Reed", but I think the 4 mm pattern might be too coarse. What is the pitch of real Mistlite?

Matt said...

I think your hunch is right, the 4mm will be too course. Mistite has about 30 bumps per inch, so the effect is much more of a diffusion where it sounds like the Milgard pattern would be more of a geometric pattern effect.

See the actual size of the mistlite pattern.

MyDadTracksMyBlogUgh said...

Nice to see your story. We just bought a San Diego which has 48 non-tempered mistlite glass panes in the entry area. One of them is cracked. We have a 1 year old daughter so we're concerned about safety. Going to check with your supplier. Thanks.