Friday, July 6, 2007

We have a new roof!

After much debate and research around the different kinds of roofing systems available, we ended up going with a tar & gravel rock roof, the same basic system that was on the house when it was built. A close 2nd place was the single-ply system offered by Duro-Last. But in the end, the look of the rock roof is much more aesthetically pleasing. And the look wouldn't have been quite such a big deal except on these houses, and our floorplan in particular, you can really see a lot of the roof from the ground. We are really happy with our decision so far, and are enjoying the heat deflection that white rock gives. The real test will be the first rain though... cause I suppose that's the whole point of a roof, right?

Deteriorating shingle roof:

Yes, all of our furniture is still in the garage. We covered it with drop cloths to protect it from all the debris that would be raining down through the ceiling boards.

Tear off:

New fiberglass plysheets going down. New 2" rough sewn fascia boards and metal flashings:

New roof! We'll be painting the metal flashings around the chimney soon to minimize them.

We took the opportunity to install some new lighting above the future island, a new original style exhaust fan for the stovetop, as well as exhaust fans (same model as the kitchen) for both the bathrooms. No more steamy mirrors!


Kelsie said...

Great decision on the roof, it looks fantastic! Makes a dramatic difference to the overall image of the house. - Lance

Marino said...

Thanks for sharing. I was wondering where does the electrical run for the ceiling fixtures. There seems to be no roof insulation. The tongue and groove ceiling boards seem to be right below the roofing material.
I'm asking because I need to tear my roof to the rafters and want to put similar ceiling.


Matt said...

The T&G boards are about 2" thick. We routed a channel about 1/2" deep from the fixtures to a wall where we could drop the romex. We then put a metal capping over the channel. We do have 1 1/2" rigid insulation on top of the T&G boards. The metal cap over the electrical was there to make sure no screws hit electrical when securing the insulation.