Monday, June 18, 2007

It was April 3rd, 2007

K Lin and myself jump in and buy the house with "potential". I'm a little late starting this blog, so I have some catching up to do to get you all up to speed on where we are in the process. The goal once we're "done" is to have renovated this Rancho back to it's original glory as much as possible, with some modern improvements done in the spirit of the original design.

Here's a video I shot right after we got the keys. The song is from Dinosaur Jr., "Start Choppin". That's what I did as soon as I put down the camera.

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Kelsie said...

That video rocks! You guys have some incredible vision and are off to a fantastic start. One sincere suggestion... The fish bathroom, you have to chip off one of those tiles and frame it. Just because "she loves it so". :) - Kelsie + Lance